Suina Design + Architecture is a 100% Native American Women Owned design firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We believe that for a building project to be successful, the design must be developed organically from the people, place and history for which it will reside.  It is our goal to facilitate a collaborative process with the community, project Owners and building users to create a culturally appropriate design solution.


Connecting the Past, Present and Future


All our projects exist within an environment that has been inhabited for thousands of years. Trial and error during this time has created vernacular building methodologies that serve as the foundation of our practice. However, tradition is never stagnant. We at SD+A believe that this traditional knowledge applied alongside modern technological advancements results in the most appropriate building solution. A space that reflects tradition, honors the land on which it sits, and improves the lives of those who occupy it.


Each site is unique.
Each building should be too.

During our 20+ years of experience we have been fortunate enough to work within a diverse set of environments and have developed a wide range of projects.

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Firm Capabilities

We believe that through cooperation we can become much more than the sum of our individual parts. Our team members are skilled in a diverse range of projects, processes and programs, making SD+A a highly competitive architecture firm. Click below to see the services we offer as well as the projects that we have completed.