Jemez Health Center

The project consists of a 4,600 square foot addition to the existing tribally managed comprehensive health care facility.

The Pueblo of Jemez is one of the largest pueblos and needed an expansive health facility.  The tribe had many reservations about the previous additions and the design team’s task was to resolve many of the previous issues, not only with sleek and innovative design but with ultimate cost savings to the client.  The team was very successful in accommodating the tribe and fulfilling their request and needs.  This was accomplished through meetings, site visits, and adherence to strict tribal mandates.

The addition includes eight (8) new exam rooms, eight (8) new offices, a new EMS area, and a state-of-the-art digital radiology department.  The project also includes renovations to the existing building and a new parking area to serve the health center and the tribal administration building.

The design of the addition integrated the construction schedule with the minimal down-time of the health center.  The goal set forth by the tribe was to keep the health center operational throughout the construction.  This was accomplished by paying great attention to detail, observing construction estimates and constant cooperation with the contractor/subcontractors.

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